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Picking a Predator call!!

By: Brent Saxton

     With today’s call market a Predator hunter has a wide variety of calls to choose from, and picking a call can be a major task to someone just starting out in the sport today. From Electronic calls, Custom Calls, and Productions calls the choices can seem over whelming!  Always being a believer that it is best to start out with hand calls, why? To me it will give you a better feel of what is needed for calling Predators, it will also allow you a lot more control over the sound, and I think you will learn allot more. So, with that being said…..Lets talk CALLS!

Production Calls

     With the boom of predator calling catching on all across the world today the market has exploded with Predator calls. Primo’s, H & S Strut, Knight & Hale, just about every major call company in the industry has jumped on the band wagon of Predator calls. Then you have the die hard companies that have been at this for years, Johnny Stewart game calls, Critter Calls, Sceery game calls, Lohman game calls, and E.L.K. Inc are just a few that are out there for the buyers. The market has really turned to cater the Predator callers. This is a good thing! It drives the major call company’s to put out top notch products and sets the bar for new ideas and designs! This gives the buyer more choices and good quality products.

     A few of my personal favorite calls in the production lines are made by these companies. Critter call standard and the Critter call Pee Wee. Both these calls go with me every time I hit the field. These calls are small open reed calls that are very versatile; with practice just about every sound from Bird distress to fawn cries can be made. The take very little air and give the caller great control.

     The Sceery AP-6 is one of the most used production calls on my lanyard! And I will have to say it is also one of my favorite calls. The AP-6 gives some of the best puppy wines and cries along with great pup distress as any call on the competitive market today hands down! And the bird distress this call will produce is incredible! I can’t count the number of Fox, Bobcats, and Coyotes this little call has put in front of us. This call is a bite style call, meaning you can change the pitch of the call just by pinching the reeds together. It also has great volume and great control!

Custom Calls

     The market has also exploded with Custom call makers as well. There is some of the finest craftsmanship on the market today being produced by some of these call makers! From Exotic woods to Domestic hard woods, Acrylic, Delran or Antler there is surely something in these lines that will tickle your fancy!  And styles? There are a tone of different designs and styles to pick from! Open reed, closed reed, or open enclosed reed calls. Voiced in just about anything you can imagine from Cottontail rabbit, Jack Rabbit all the way to Chicken Distress! If you want it, one of these custom builders can make it!

     The thing about custom calls is just that…They're CUSTOM built one call at a time and hand turned and tuned just for the person ordering the call. Most of these call builders will be more than happy to talk with you on the phone and build you a call just exactly like you want it. And even help you learn to use it or help you get the exact sound out of the call you’re looking for. The customer service and warranty of most custom calls can not be beat anywhere! And for the price, you won’t find a better deal anywhere!

    A few of the custom builders out there today that make some fine calls that have been proven to withstand the elements, temperature changes, and rough conditions Predator hunters put a call threw are…THO Game Calls, Brad Holzer Calls, Kee’s Custom Calls, Purgatory Predator Calls, R&R Game Calls, Hawks Feather game calls and Arky Yoter calls. And these are just a few!

Electronic Calls

     The market has exploded with electronic calls. With lighted remote controlled units, digital stereo sound, MP3 technology and just about any feature one could ask for. Set up to hold as many as 200 sounds all at the touch of a button!  Don’t like the sounds you have on your caller? Just hook these bad boys up to your computer and change them! Record and down load your own sounds, get online and buy some new sounds, or pick up some of the CD’s that have pre-recorded distress sounds or vocalizations that are available today. A few of the companies that offer these CD’s are…. Johnny Stewart game calls, Lohman Game Calls and Kee’s Productions.

     As for picking an electronic caller. There are several companies out there that make fine units. And the price range will vary from one to the other. To me, the top two electronic callers on the market today are produced by FoxPro, and Minaska. Both are remote controlled units and both give you the option to down load your own sounds. One must do a little research and ask some questions before deciding on what caller will work best for you. And there is a ton of information on the net that a short internet search will reveal. One good place to go and read and ask questions is  this group of guys will be happy to give you some feed back on the electronic callers they have owned and used and you will get to hear the good with the bad from people just like you!

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