North Carolina

Tired of western coyote hunters telling you how to hunt in the East? Bored with coyote hunting videos filmed in wide open spaces? “Agitated” when you do find an eastern hunt on video that was done by guys west of the Mississippi on canned hunts or with professional outfitters?

Well look no further Eastern Coyotes.Com Vol 1, which was filmed exclusively in the eastern United States by Eastern U.S. hunters. Richard B. has 25 years experience hunting eastern coyotes from FL, AL, GA and TN and has close to 500 kills throughout the southeast.

Aaron H. has been hunting coyotes the last 3 years. In the first 2 years he had already seen close to 100 coyotes called in. He also brings the excitement of eastern coyote hunting to the viewers.

So join Richard and Aaron as they take you along on 12 Eastern coyote hunts. They will show you how they scout and setup for the hunts. They will also go over the products they use in the field. See what makes them so successful hunting the eastern coyote in their area.

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