By Richard Baxter (CCP) 2004

I have throughout the years had many people ask “When are the best times to hunt”?

Usually I answer in the mornings one to one and a half hours after daylight. The reason we hunt these hours is because it gives the predator’s time to return to their bedding areas. We are not pushing them out while we are entering the areas to hunt. Predator’s are still active at daylight and alert to their surroundings. Predators are active in the late evenings also but we find too many times they will hold up till dark to come in. How many times have you heard a story where someone says “when it got dark they howled all around us”. You see these coyotes waited until dark and were able to identify the sound as coming from them. We try everything we can to avoid educating our coyotes so late evening hunts or out of the equation for us.

In winter time we hunt all through the day at times, because the coyotes are more active needing more protein to survive.

So how can a person narrow down even more on the best times? Years ago as a coyote hunter starting out I would notice coyotes sometimes out in the field at odd hours. Sometimes I would find coyotes not where I thought they should be at certain times of the day? I quickly realize one day it was coinciding with the moon and feed times in my almanac. I started paying closer attention to it and found a direct link to it and the coyote’s movements.

I used the almanac with some success while deer hunting years ago but never to the extent it works with predators. Except for the occasional weird weather change it is usually right on the money.

Next time you see a coyote out mousing in a field during the day get out your almanac you might just find yourself scheduling your hunts by it.



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